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Find harmony with your body in the first week of training with effective

Kegel exercises

Find harmony with your body in the first week of training with effective Kegel exercises
Health through
G-FIT Expander
Safe and high-quality materials
Tactile, made of hypoallergenic biologically inert medical silicone for effective strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.
It has a streamlined shape, and a perfectly smooth surface, it provides receiving feedback, control and sensation of the pelvic floor muscles.
Compact exerciser for effective workouts
The set includes 2 expanders of different extent of rigidity, that allows to increase the load and monitor the dynamics of training as the pelvic floor muscles strengthen.
Two levels of difficulty
pelvic floor fitness
Simple but effective
The G-FIT expander stops many pelvic floor dysfunctions, such as urinary incontinence, prolapse of the uterus, vaginal walls, haemorrhoids, vaginal gas, painful menstruation - and, in general, helps to create a strong local immunity of the pelvis area.

The G-FIT expander helps women to tone pelvic floor muscles at home; helps to strengthen in case of a sedentary lifestyle, excessive physical activity and (or) during menopause, prevents early menopause.
Medical indications
The G-FIT expander increases the erotic sensitivity, increases the strength, controllability of the pelvic floor muscles and blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
The G-FIT expander prevents/eliminates health complications after giving birth (pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, get back to your pre-baby size) in a short period.
Postpartum recovery
the G-FIT Expander
4 spheres to apply
What problems does the G-FIT expander solve?
решить эспандер G-FIT ?
Какие проблемы помогает
What problems does
the G-FIT expander solve?
Low libido
Recurrent thrush
Prolapse of the 1st and 2nd stage
The weak tone of pelvic floor muscles
Low fertility
Getting back pre-birth size
Stress urinary incontinence
Period pain and PMS
Irregular menstrual cycle
Haemorrhoids (light stage)
Vaginal gas
Low quality of the lovemaking, weak orgasms
Let’s exercise together!
Order now and get a gift!
A 15-minutes video lesson.
How to use?
Start exercising following the instructions
and video tutorial
Place the expander inside up to the limiter
Apply lubricant to the expander
Start with a soft expander
The set includes two expanders of different levels of rigidity (resistance), which allows to vary the level of difficulty when exercising in dependency on the trained condition of your pelvic muscles.
2 levels of difficulty
The diameter of the expander is slightly bigger than the rubber-covered resistance chamber of the Kegel perineometer. The pelvic floor muscles experience more complex and deep relaxation after isometric contraction. In this way, we work not only on the force of voluntary contraction but also on the problem of pelvic floor muscle tightness.
Profound and qualitative muscle relaxation
Due to its tactile and compact shape, the G-FIT expander is a more understandable pelvic floor exerciser for women and makes training more affordable, exercising alone or in a group class.
Friendly and easy to use
Placing a finger inside the expander, you can determine the strength of your contractions and test if the contractions are performing correctly.
The expander is hollow
The Kegel perineometer is a pneumatic pelvic floor exerciser (it uses the resistance of the air pumped in) whereas the G-FIT expander uses the resistance and rigidity of the material itself (medical silicone), which allows the exerciser to keep its original shape and avoid deformation even after active muscle impact.
Resistance of elastic silicone
Absolute freedom in choosing a type of clothes or position and no need to seclude to exercise.
No pressure gauge and pump tube
Expander over its analogues
Advantages of the G-FIT
Expander over its analogues
Advantages of the G-FIT
about the creator
I wanted to create a simple but effective way to keep the most vulnerable part of our body — the pelvic floor muscle, well trained and help millions of women to improve sexual health and self-esteem.

After many years of work in the field of female health rehabilitology, I could not find the optimal version of the «Kegel exerciser».

As Ferdinand Porsche said: “I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.“
Tatiana Gordeychuk
Creator of G-FIT Expander and Health and Wellness System
for women
Created by a woman
and a video tutorial at the best price + free shipping
Get a set of expanders
— Increased the tone of the pelvic floor muscles
— Got back to pre-baby size
— Got rid of vaginal dryness
— Learned to manage your lovemaking muscles
— Increased libido
— Discovered the full spectrum of multi pleasures
— Improved self-esteem and quality of lovemaking
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